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WP1 – Project Management and Coordination

  • Manage the contractual tasks of the entire consortium
  • Foster internal communication via working meetings and electronic means
  • Coordinate reports and deliverables that each activity generates

Task 1.1: Management and Compliance (MPG, M1-M48): Assume overall legal, financial and administrative
responsibility and ensure compliance with contract and consortium agreement throughout the entire project, especially
timely delivery of interim and end products (deliverables) and reports; oversee audits and control all finances; ascertain
and monitor compliance with ethics regulations and GDPR.
Task 1.2: Team building (MPG, M1-M6): Coordinate project team building including new hires of Ph.D. students,
post docs, and support personnel. Assemble a project advisory panel which will consist of members of the SHARE
Management and Scientific Monitoring Boards, specifically the SHARE Area Coordinators for Work and Retirement,
Income and Assets, Family Networks, and Health (see 3.2). Arrange and account for plenary sessions, board meetings
and specialist meetings throughout the project.
Task 1.3: Internal communication (MPG, M1-M48): Arrange one plenary meeting annually with all researchers involved
in the project. Arrange a formal midterm meeting with the Commission. Arrange additional working group meetings if
need arises, e.g. for researchers of a work package. Some meetings will combine participants of several work packages to
ascertain coordination. Make meeting preparations and on-site arrangements, write and distribute minutes of all meetings.
Task 1.4: Quality control (MPG, M1-M48): Maintain database of partners, tasks and project deliverables; maintain
communications with the Commission; prepare reports of plenary sessions, board meetings and specialist meetings
throughout the project; oversee specified tasks allocated to partners, working groups and advisory panel; administer
strict checks and quality control, e.g., oversee publications emanating from the project, external communication by WP8,
website development and maintenance.
Task 1.5: Data Management Plan (MPG, M1-M6): Set up a DMP which details how the data generated by the project
will be made available to the scientific research community and how they will follow the FAIR principles. The DMP
will be continuously updated over the course of the project whenever significant changes arise. A full version will be
developed at the end of the project.
Task 1.6: Ethics compliance (MPG, M1-M48): Appoint Ethics Mentor; make sure that all concerns in the Ethics and
Security Section (see Section 4 of the DoA) are followed up; report issues in annual reports.
Role of participants: MPG (coordinator) will lead WP1 and the entire project and bear responsibility for adherence to
the project’s contract, its timetable, all deliverables, and the overall budget. All participants will contribute to reporting.